From the Vaults—Herbert Baglione Video in London for Lazarides Solo Show

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 29 Dec 2010

There was some Super8 footage found recently of Herbert Baglione (Juxtapoz July 2009 cover) painting all night in the basement of Lazarides Gallery in London the night before his solo show opened in November of 2008. That was a big show for Herbert, as he introduced some fully-developed color pieces that added to his already signature black and white characters.

We remember being at the show on the cold London night, and the work was some of the most impressive we had ever seen from Herbert. Because Herbert had been banned from entering the USA on a Visa issue, we hadn't seen his work in person since his solo at New Image Art Gallery, The Wall, in the summer of 2007 in Los Angeles.

Check out the video below. We are on a Super8 day.

Herbert Baglione - Lazarides Gallery from Upper Playground on Vimeo.


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