Futura x 12ozProphet Video Interview

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011

Futura x 12ozProphet Feature from ALSO KNOWN AS on Vimeo.

One of our all-time great covers is the Futura image from July/August 2005. To this day, people cite this one as a game-changer. The great website, 12ozProphet, has just released a collaborative t-shirt collection with the legendary Futura, and along with Also Known As, produced a video interview with the NYC-based artist to coincide with the release.

Allen Benedikt of AKA and 12oz performs the interview, which touches on a nice history of Futura's career.

For more information, please visit 12ozprophet.com & futura2000.com

Futura x 12ozProphet shirts will be available at



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