IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT: New York New York, Day 2

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 30 Oct 2007
Photographer Jon Dragonette shows and tells on Day 7 of the East Coast leg of Sparks' IGNITE WHAT'S NEXT art tour with David Choe, Saber and Retna as they hit New York City.

Photos by Jon Dragonette

Retna speaks his mind

Sorry about the weak ass post yesterday. But hopefully it was a nice warm up to the big apple for you. It was for us. The day event was so far from the night event that we pretty much got a full tour of the whole city. Today we spend the whole day in Brooklyn.

First stop, Lawannas. Which happens to be on Bedford ave. If you dont know it, here is a little tutorial. Bedford is in Willamsburgh which happens to be hipster central. More hair do


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