Judgement Night at THIS Los Angeles

Juxtapoz // Friday, 20 May 2011

This is kind of how we want the world to end. A severed head on a chair in an empty room, depicted by Richard Colman. We don't know if this piece will make it to THIS Los Angeles' one-night gallery show, Judgement Night, but we know there will be some Richard Colman (and others) work at the show.

As we just said, for one-night only, tonight, May 20, THIS Los Angeles will be hosting Judgement Night, featuring works from Richard Colman, Bill McRight, Keith Morris, Them Thangs (great blog), Sage Vaughn, and Ben Venom.

And if the world is indeed ending on Saturday, May 21, go to something else fun tonight. Swim in the ocean, or something.



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