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Liz McGrath x Morgan Slade's Miss Derringer in LA this Friday

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 22 Jun 2010

Today we asked Morgan the meaning being their band name and he informed us:


“The Derringer is (was?) a tiny gun in the old west times that women used and hid in their garters/bustiers etc. Since in our band Liz kind of performs as this character that's part old west, part gangster moll and always on the wrong side of love and the law, we figured she would definitely have at least one Derringer hidden on her person at all times. And so she became (and we became) Miss Derringer!”


“This is our only LA booked show for the near future, due to art show schedules, etc.

So come on out and say hello!”


Miss Derringer

The Viper Room

This Friday, June 25th, 2010


Starts at 10:30pm

Tix are $10 in advance





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