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Update: The Momentus Project

Juxtapoz // Monday, 08 Aug 2011

What a well-executed series. The Momentus Project is a collaborative project that is a visualization of the most defining moments in United States history, asking accomplished illustrators to depict each event in their own style. Declaration of Independence, 9-11, Hiroshima, Stock Market Crash, Pearl Harbor, all here.

As the project states, "Contributors hail from around the globe as the most defining moments in United States history have often had a radical effect on the world abroad." Momentus is created and curated by Evan Stremke, designer at Planet Propaganda in Madison, Wisconsin.

The full roster of artists is right here.



The Revolutionary War - Jon Contino
The Declaration of Independence - Ellis Latham-Brown
The Ratification of the Constitution - Erik Hamline
The Louisiana Purchase - Emory Allen
The Lewis & Clark Expedition - Blake Suarez
The Trail of Tears - Matt Riley
The Battle of Antietam - Glenn Thomas
The Birth of National Parks - Dan Cassaro
The Stock Market Crash - Alex Perez
The Attack on Pearl Harbor - John Soat
The Bombing of Hiroshima - Chaz Russo
The Assassination of JFK - Evan Stremke
The Moon Landing - Mark Weaver
The Watergate Scandal - Shed Labs
The Invention of the Internet - Bobby McKenna
The Attacks of September 11, 2001 - Ted Quinn
The Invasion of Iraq - Two Arms
The Election of Barack Obama - Tymn Armstrong


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