Bubble as a Metaphor

Erotica // Wednesday, 04 May 2011
In Bubble Woman, Shu Yong uses the medium of his ubiquitous bubbles by referring to today's omni-present 'bosom culture'. As bosoms have long ago outgrown the category of being mere body parts, they now play the role of a political, economic, and cultural asset by strengthening the place of one of the most important characteristics of the female body. It is conceivable today, how female breasts are blown up as an object of foam for seemingly limitless lust and power.
Shu Yong (*1974, Xupu, Hunan Province, China), frequently presented in the Chinese mainstream media as controversial, differs from most artists; he persists in directly and affirmatively interferring with Chinese society. By playing games with the government, enterprises and the media, he constantly stirs up trouble through his art in relation to the evolving features and capabilities of Chinese modern art. With respect to different circumstances, he is even trying to fundamentally and effectively change the Chinese government, and in the context of various societal developments also misinterpretations and prejudices prevailing in the masses. China's society is thus serving him as a laboratory for his art.




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