Vino video

Graffiti // Friday, 06 May 2011


Herokid just released this fantastic new video on graffiti artist Vino. Gracefully filmed and accompanied by a soundtrack unconventional for most graffiti videos.

Text from the video:


It was in 1992 when I discovered the graffiti. Since those early years many things have changed: the city, trains, depots ... even many peers of that era are gone. However, if there is something that has not changed has been my passion for this game.
The graffiti is as different as is every writer, this is composed of a universe of sensations that involve the mere act of painting, feelings that are identified with the word sacrifice, up in the middle of the vigil, go to bed when the sun rises or no sleep, being cold and hunger, run to vomit ... overcome adversity, awarded by the fleeting gift of colors on the train.


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