Cody Hudson has his own language, and as abstract as it seems there is a distinct figurative element to all of it. It's about nature and time, consciousness and unconsciousness. It's also all about rhythms and patterns, how we see and what we see. For his newest solo show, What Is Time Stretching And When Would You Use It?, on view at David B Smith in Denver, Hudson brings together his practice of painting and sculpture making into a seamless presentation. It's perfect and imperfect. 

As the gallery notes, "Working within the parameters of a selection of melodic shapes and a dynamic falltone color palette, Hudson’s inspiration from the slippery nature of time takes unexpected turns. Poised and static or threatening to tumble, stacked visual elements in Hudson’s work built upon themselves, harkening back to the memory of languid days past." With colors of the earth and shapes that are just as natural, Hudson continues his transformation into exactly what the gallery says: he's a melodic thinker. —Evan Pricco