There hasn't been many artists who have had the 12 months that Japanese artist Yusuke Hanai has had. From his memorable cover story with us, exhibitions, collectible releases and now a breakthrough NFT release this past weekend, he has been creating with urgency and yet with a quietness that has been incredible to watch. There is a culmination now with a new solo musueum show, Facing the Current, organized by AllRightsReserved and on view at Powerlong Museum in Shanghai through February 22, 2022. 

From the ARR family: In Hanai’s “FACING THE CURRENT” exhibition, he presents a new, evolved vision of this counter-culture art: The word “Current” has the double entendre of “Tide” and “Present”. “Tide” is the more literal meaning that is most familiar to surfers. Sometimes it is easy to ride the “Current” offshore to where the waves break, but other times you end up missing a good spot because of its irresistible force. Sometimes you get swept in a direction you don't want to go in and have to keep paddling. Other times you might be in mortal danger of being swept back to shore by the current heading out to sea. In the water, surfers are always facing the “Current”. You never know if it is a hit or a miss, nor where you need to paddle until you are in that particular “Current”.

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