"These paintings were started before COVID-19 in Chicago," Cody Hudson says, "and a handful of them were finished during quarantine in Sugar Creek, Wisconsin. So, the paintings and their respective titles also took different turns for me in what they were about. Some of them that felt lighter at the beginning became darker in their final exploration."



This summer, Cody is presenting I Have No One But You at ANDREW RAFACZ in Chicago, an exhibition that was supposed to take place in April but postponed to now through August 29, 2020. That gave the exhibition an extra dimension and Hudson a chance to create new works in a different circumstance than in the winter. As the gallery notes, Hudson's titles began to reflect a different time, "They capture his oscillating feelings of loneliness, hopefulness, darkness, positivity, love of family, self-reflection, and isolation." Titles like Make Us Believe We Are Something or Don't Go Here Unless You Want Disappointment almost feel like universal internal thoughts we all had as we faced months indoors and in new routines. Hudson's abstractions become loose and tight, sculptures seem to pulsate with conflicted feelings. Feelings we all can relate to, even right now.