SMOL is a very special show for the team over  there at Thinkspace. As Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace wrote, "Shawn had been wanting to get this show together for a while and we were just about to dive into putting it together when cancer took her from us. We had a rough list coming to life and I made it my mission to bring her vision to life and I am so excited with how many creatives from our family were able to take part with such short notice. We’ve always been a champion of starting your collection out with smaller works and I still actively collect smaller works to this day. I like to think Shawn is proud of this show and proud of me and our family as we work to bounce back after the greatest loss any of us could imagine. This was the last show she was actively involved in putting together with me, which definitely makes this all a bit too bittersweet."

SMOL showcases works sized 16" x 20" and under. As Hosner continues, "We want to give young collectors and those on a budget the chance to get something nice for themselves, as well as encouraging all of our patrons to collect smaller works, as they bring so much joy. The show title plays off the popular internet slang for saying someone or something is small in size and so cute that you just want to squeeze ‘em."