Our good friends Austin McManus and Mel Eligon recently opened a new shop in Sacramento, Public Land Store, curating a selection of "unusual cacti and succulents along with artisan goods, pots, collectibles, and original art from a wide range of artists." They are also hosting art exhibitions, and will open a new exhibition, Down To Earth, featuring new works Maxwell McMaster (who was part of our Juxtapoz Clubhouse exhibition in Miami this past year).

Maxwell McMaster “Down To Earth” @ Public Land

Public Land is excited to announce it’s 2nd exhibition, Down To Earth by Maxwell McMaster, opening Saturday, July 21st 6-9 P.M. Born and raised in Sacramento, Maxwell has resided in Los Angeles for nearly a decade and will be returning to his hometown for his first solo exhibition. In conversation about this newest collection of work, Maxwell “I Enjoy the idea of a body of work that connects my present surroundings to my hometown, a reminder to stay grounded and in many ways a kind of homecoming.” He goes on to disclose, “I am examining and playing with the idea that we are all born on the Earth, and (that) our bodies will one day return to it. Our connection to nature is always there and it has an array of healing properties.”

Recognized for his refined pastel color palate that often depicts serene California landscapes, Maxwell’s work engages viewers through hypnotic subtle imagery. In his surreal landscapes, the artist often employs the image of a tall skinny palm tree, an iconic symbol of California romanticism. Other paintings see the occasional appearance of planes, people or tranquil puffy clouds resembling silhouettes of recognizable figures. With all of his work, Maxwell finds a composed compositional balance, a skill he has an instinctive knack for and is a defining characteristic of his practice. For Down to Earth at Public Land, the artist will be showing all new works along with a site-specific installation.

Follow them at @publiclandstore

Public Land Store, 2598 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95818