Our friends at GOLDEN have a big announcement: the updated GOLDEN Paint MXR is a free tool for artists everywhere, giving them the ability to mix GOLDEN Artist Acrylics and now, Williamsburg Artist Oil Colors. Previously, the GOLDEN Paint MXR utilized a data set for mixing acrylics only. With the new enhancements, artists can now use the same tool to mix Williamsburg Artist Oil Colors. This online resource allows artists to match colors within an image, play with RGB and CMYK values, or select up to four colors to create and manipulate mixtures. There is also a new “C” complementary match button for instant complementary color mixtures.

Mixing paints with control and getting predictable results is a skill that takes years to master.  It also requires a lot of paint.  The MXR saves artists time, frustration and paint by accounting for the physical properties of GOLDEN Artist Acrylic and Williamsburg Artist Oil paints, so artists get closer to the colors they want, faster than ever.  Playing and practicing with the MXR helps artists develop a keener sense for color selection and proportions, hastening their mastery of mixing. 

Artists are encouraged to try the new palette building feature! After they’ve created a log-in, they can construct personal palettes for mixing results, utilizing only the colors they’ve selected.  They are able to save these palettes and mixtures for future reference.  Using this feature provides the opportunity to retain a palette of color for various projects, explore the mixing possibilities of the color(s) they have on hand in their studio, what the addition of a new color on their palette would bring to their mixing range, and so much more!

The GOLDEN Paint MXR is a unique, and fun, resource geared toward color exploration.  With the MXR, artists discover new color possibilities and personalize their color choices, making their palette unique to them.  Artists who try this intuitive tool experience success, delight and inspiration.

Artists can get started today at goldenMXR.com. On this page, users will find a Paint MXR Intro, sharing exactly how the tool works and how to get more out of its features and capabilities. It also features a video tutorial, guiding artists through a visual representation of how to utilize the tool.  The MXR was developed to work on any browser, Mac, PC, iPad or Android. The interface was also designed to work on touch screens so artists can use it on tablets right at their work space.