Chefas Projects is delighted to present Creatures of Light, the third solo exhibition by Portland-based artist Mia Farrington. Farrington delves into themes of perfectionism and facades through her bold yet elegant abstractions. By balancing form and color against a uniquely textured backdrop, each painting becomes a representation of her quest for balance and simplicity.

Creatures of Light follows Mia Farrington’s long standing, meticulous exploration of the relationship between form and color. Her new work expands her oeuvre of  bold, hard-edged geometric abstraction by incorporating raw linen and cotton canvases. Inspired by the prismatic colors of natural light and their impact on our existence, Farrington creates calming, meditative arrangements by juxtaposing shapes. Stoic onyx forms and vivid hues engage in elegant dialogues atop rustic, textured linen and ink-stained cotton. Farrington isolates and magnifies specific color variants found in natural settings, inviting viewers to resonate with indefinable emotions, relying on our personal associations to imbue the work with meaning. While her paintings initially appear as pitch-perfect compositions from a distance, closer inspection reveals subtle imperfections— the painter’s hand, irregularities in the linen— echoing the flawed beauty inherent in our relationships with ourselves and others.

Mia Farrington, born in Vermont and currently residing and working in Portland, Oregon, earned a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in painting and a minor in Art History from the University of Vermont in 2004. Her work has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions in Portland, Seattle, New York, and North Carolina.