VILLAZAN is pleased to present Willem Hoeffnagel's solo exhibition entitled Hands On Approach, featuring new works that focus a bit more on the hands and how they can be influential in putting forward a feeling or emphasize a situation.

The Dutch painter Willem Hoeffnagel, born in 1995 in Arnhem, is mainly known for his works featuring faceless, solitary characters without a clear identity. Using the figures as a placeholder for a person, whether it's himself or another, allows him to portray a scene or part of a small story to the viewer without paying too much attention to who he or she is supposed to be.

Hoeffnagel's works have been exhibited in renowned galleries and fairs around the world and on this occasion he returns for the second time to our gallery in the heart of Madrid with a special solo exhibition entitled “Hands on approach” featuring works that have never before been shown in an exhibition. As mentioned before, through this exhibition the artist has decided to pay attention to the hands, the gestures and the different situations they can produce.

In the artist's own words “feelings like doubt, happiness, worry or excitement can be enhanced by hand gestures. Whether it’s a gesture or resting a hand on a shoulder, it often brings across a message very clearly. That, alongside deconstructing the figure that features often in my work has been the key focus for this show, exploring different settings, forms and colors”.

Willem Hoeffnagel's exhibition "Hands on approach" will run through October 14th at VILLAZAN Madrid.