Beauty and a sense of hope are central to Mous Lamrabat’s work. His work is exhilarating and at times a confronting fusion of his diasporic life, using beauty and humor to create powerful new narratives related to sensitive issues like racism, religion, and women’s rights. In Blessings from Mousganistan at Foam, the artist shares a message of love through a colorful and eclectic visual experience.

The world of Mous Lamrabat is a place where life is at peace and people are loved, no matter where you are from or where you are going. This is the experience the artist wants to bring across in the exhibition Blessings from Mousganistan: you step into the fascinating utopia the artist has created within the museum walls. He asks and sometimes pushes the viewer to look differently at the images in front of them; he has superimposed his photographs in large lenticular prints or vacuum-pulled portraits around a Nike logo and the McDonalds “M” the artist incorporated into his work. By changing the shapes of well-known symbols and images, Lamrabat deconstructs the notion of 'normal'.