Using the classic approach of the street photograph (unprocessed images of real scenes shot without interference), Óscar Monzón’s shots appropriates the visual language and iconography of advertising images to question the influence of being constantly confronted with sculptured bodies, inaccessible (unaffordable) lifestyles and ways of being far removed from people’s everyday reality. The Spanish photographer series “Order” is the synthesis of five years of work in various metropolises around the world (New York, Berlin, Hong Kong, Roma, Madrid, and Tokyo). 

Through highly impactful photographs, impeccable editing and the juxtaposition of Monzón’s unposed street snaps with curated advertising shots, the project obscures, distorts or extrapolates messages from the advertising world which bestows illusions and feelings of inadequacy on its victims who usually lack a way of responding.

The series is presented in a large-format photobook published by RVB Books last year.