As one of the most exciting street artists who has transformed his practice to include collage, painting and sculpture work, Argentinian artist Franco Fasoli (aka JAZ), is set to open a new solo show, “De afuera hacia adentro” (From the outside to the inside) at Galerie Openspace in Paris from March 17—April 14, 2018. Fasoli was recently featured in our new Spring 2018 issue, which was highlighted by his ongoing exploration in not only street works, but all his studio practices and life growing up in Buenos Aires. His new solo show will feature 20 new works, from oil paint to paper collage on canvas, mixed media pieces and two brand new bronze sculptures.

"I talk about society, as well as my struggle, personal struggle through societal struggle," Fasoli told us in Spring 2018. "As a mixed media artist who works in many different ways, I talk about Argentine society through my subjects. But it is extremely personal at the same time. I have always been interested in history and feel so lucky to have the chance to visit other countries and see the clash of the different realities. Geographically, Argentina is far from everything, so I see what is happening, but from a distance. I do feel the loss of the vibe that used to surround me."

Stay tuned next week for a full interview with Franco Fasoli posted here.