In conjunction with our Spring 2023 Quarterly cover story, Juxtapoz is excited to announce a special limited-edition, timed-released giclee print with Spanish painter, Fátima de Juan. The "Neon Visions" image used for the print is also the cover image for the Spring Quarterly. BUY IT HERE

The print is available from Tuesday, March 7—Monday, March 13, 2023, only at

"It's hard to set limits when you work on what you like. Not knowing how to stop working on what you like makes you become obsessively immersed in creation, and sometimes you forget mundane things like going shopping or eating on time. Also, the eternal struggle between creativity and productivity—when creating becomes your profession, economic and productive factors come into play, and finding the balance between these two heavyweights is key. I try to allow inspiration to catch me working." —Fátima de Juan

Neon Visions
Giclee Print
11.7 x 16.5 inches
2023 exclusive to Juxtapoz Magazine