Rustam QBic just released a new limited edition print with Moscow-based Unframed Editions. Available in an edition of 25 lithographic prints, as well as eight prints hand-finished by the artist himself.


Entitled Starry Night, QBic's latest release features a girl, sitting on a bench under a dimly lit cityscape. The girl and her surroundings are illuminated by a single lampost, revealing her inquisitive nature as she peers through a telescope. Playing on the idea of 'city lights' creating a modern-day 'starry night', QBic reflects on the inspiration for this piece.

"I was born into an ordinary family. I was surrounded by cities from my early childhood and I remember the giant concrete structures surrounding me, rising above my head causing dizziness when I looked at the upper stories. I often thought that a lot of families live in these numerous buildings in numerous apartments. Big and small. Or that there were lonely people hiding behind the curtains, in the light of chandeliers. There is a history of its own in each apartment, with certain aims in life. They all have their own desires that inspire them. Secret dreams, which I will never know."

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"All these lives take its normal course. They might not know about me, about my existence. They have their own worries and problems, their funs. Each day I can meet thousands of people on my way to school, university or office. They are here, they are close, but at the same time they are far away, I do not know them the way they know themselves. They are inaccessible like stars in the sky on a hot summer night." –Rustam QBic

Starry Night
Medium: 1 color hand pulled lithograph on stone on Fabriano Rosaspina 220gsm Ivory paper
Edition: 25
Size: 70 x 50 cm
Year: 2019
Available for purchase here.


Each print is signed, stamped and numbered by Rustam QBic. Additionally, each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity with hand-drawn elements on the back of COA which makes it unique. Which one will be yours?