Since launching its pioneering Art Can Contest, 10 editions ago, Pabst Blue Ribbon has championed the work of emerging creatives by awarding over $150,000 to artists and placing original art on over 400 million beer cans and bottles. To commemorate the contest’s milestone tenth edition, Pabst Blue Ribbon upped the ante by increasing this year’s prize money tenfold to $100,000 to award 10 winning artists $10,000 each. Today, Pabst Blue Ribbon proudly announces the Top 10 winning artists who will claim the grand prize awards and see their artwork come to life on over 140 million cans this Fall.


This year’s winners include Hannah Bunzey (Asheville, NC), Caroline Mallon (Boston, MA), Brandon Lepine (CAN), Paul Giovis (Columbus, OH), Ben Walters (Kansas City, MO), Tommy Tarvonen (FIN), Alyssa Borkowski (Milwaukee, WI), Emma Atterbury (Oakland, CA), Katie Mansfield (Salt Lake City, UT), and Andrew Martinez (Seattle, WA). You can see their cans in the gallery above! 

Partnering with Talenthouse to host the contest, Pabst Blue Ribbon opened submissions to their global pool of creatives, whittling the final 10 designs from nearly 7,000 entrants from over 120 countries, criss-cross States, borders and styles, spanning illustration, graphic design, cartoons, conceptual art, and more.

When the Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Can Contest was conceived, can art was almost unheard of. Ten editions and 400 million art cans later, Pabst Blue Ribbon continues its decades-long commitment to supporting DIY culture, a core ethos of the beloved blue label that sees it embraced by independent creative communities of all types across the world.