MEET Project by AllRightsReserved is delighted to announce a new collaboration with renowned Spanish artist Joan Cornellà. His latest solo art exhibition, VIP, in Seoul, South Korea unveils a suite of his never-before-seen collection including canvas paintings, works on paper and sculptures. This highly anticipated exhibition will be on view at EM Gallery from September 4—28, 2023. This is the fourth time AlIRightsReserved is hosting a large-scale solo exhibition for Cornellà, following its previous exhibitions in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Japan in 2020, 2021, and 2022 respectively. It is expected to continue receiving a warm welcome. 

Hailing from Spain, Cornellà became noticed for his comical drawings and freewheeling expression of black humor and teasing remarks, which often connects the diverse audience. Cornellà explains, “While some of the paintings are inspired by my dreams or dreams that friends have shared, the initial premise was always to include more elements on each painting than I’m used to – and to see what would happen," the artist says.

MEET Project by AllRightsReserved have partnered with EM Gallery, the “VIP” exhibition is a continuation of Cornellà’s creative venture of discovery into the darker aspects of human nature. His works are brutally honest yet thought-provoking which lead viewers to their own epiphanies. These styles will be presented in the exhibition pieces, including 10 canvas paintings, 50works on paper and 3 sculptures.

Coinciding with the showcase of Cornellà’s recent creation, “VIP” exhibition comes after the grand opening of “MOAR”, the artist’s digital art world on FWEN METAVERSE, launched in July 2023 presented by FWENCLUB. Viewers can enjoy the first-ever VR art experience of “MOAR” at the exhibition. “MOAR” provides an exquisite art voyage for fans to unlock the digital mansion’s secret while receiving perks through interactive experience.