There are things to learn about Conor Harrington's new solo show, What Goes Around, on view now at Studio Cromie of FAME Festival in the Southern Italian city of Grottaglie. Context and setting matter. So many shows, painting shows specifically, fall into a trap of just presenting works on a white wall. That works many times, but seeing the ways in which Harrington's work is presented here, in an old studio with stone walls, the works presented at the same height and imposing over the viewer as if floating over the ground, is effective as it pertains to the works directly. The theme of the soldier, reenactors, cosplay of a warrior, fits into the moment we live in of war, video games and politically altered nations. And the way Angelo of Studio Cromie and Conor has created an environment where these men surround you, almost as if overlooking, observing and entertaining you, is quite a jarringly beautiful experience. Context, location, presentation matters. —Evan Pricco

All photography by Dario Miale