With the simplest shapes and colors, Geoff McFetridge makes the most complex of works. Perhaps its because his work speaks to something universally pondered but yet so complicatedly understood. He speaks about life and nature and our place in it, with both a smart surrealism and innate realism. The title of his new show at One Trick Pony in LA is perfect for these elements: Return to the Stoner Forest. 

Working within his now signature characters and shapes, but different than his recent show in Detroit with Louis Buhl, McFetridge utilizes the spaces with a monster-like figure devolving into the gallery floor. Like his own version of the Yeti, the figure sort of acts as both an imposing figure and a friendly sort of meeting and detour in a psychedelic trip in the forest. In the back of the gallery are a group of watercolor works, conversations between man and nature, fantastical and yet bound to the earth. Whatever stoner forest Geoff is off to, it's one that we can all try and relate to. —Evan Pricco