Now that the Fall season is swinging westward, BEYOND THE STREETS is opening 3 separate yet seamlessly connected solo shows from a trio of great painters: HUSKMITNAVN, POSE, and Tim Conlon. The shows each open at their La Brea Aveunue space on September 16th. 

5 p
HUSKMITNAVN "Under the Same Sky"
“I try to paint about the moments that we share as humans. The ordinary, everyday situations we all experience as people, no matter who we are or where we are in the world. I like the idea that I can sit here in Copenhagen and paint people in another city since we’re all bound together under the same sky.”

POSE "Insight"
"My goal was to create an experience that felt larger than life. I wanted to share with people the way these ideas and inspirations developed in my head and create a show that really captured the moments before the story was complete.

BC131 UP
Tim Colon "Tracks of Time"
“The paintings capture trains the way I want to visually remember standing right in front of them. You paint these trains, and they leave. Who knows where they end up, when or if you will ever see them again. When they do pop back up, they have a story to tell. But what happened and where did they go? From original logos, restamped by new companies, layers of graffiti and buff. They are all time stamps in the life of the train car. Seeing benched trains with my graffiti now makes me rack my head to remember that moment in time when it was painted. Where was I, who was I with, what was going on in life? That is really the most important thing to me at this point.”