In a glorious nod to the new exhibition season, Copenhagen's Gallery Poulsen is currently featuring their annual Summer group show Inglourious Basterds, which includes a selection of new works by some of the stellar names represented by the gallery, as well as an introduction to latest additions to the roster.

In a Tarantino's cult movie, the show brings together a "team of invincible artists who are brutally superior in their creation." In a panoply of visuals, aesthetics, formats and techniques, this medley of creatives demonstrates the spectrum of the gallery's keen eye, as another summer show announces their upcoming schedule for the year.

Oil masterpieces by Eric White, Nicola Verlato, Jean-Pierre Roy, and John Jacobsmeyer dramatically dominate the gallery's main room. Reveling in multiple approaches to utilizing the medium, Ian Ingram's intricate surfaces, patterns, and textures contrast Taylor Schultek's moody urban explorations. Meanwhile, Angela Gram's luminous snapshots of surreal wildlife and Alison Blickle's sepia vintage compositions juxtapose Jud Bergeron's powerful abstract sculptures.

The other two rooms include new works by the wonderfully witty Mu Pan, Rebecca Orcutt, Barnaby Whitfield and William Powhida, photography by Rainer Hosch, and an introduction to SuperFutureKid's pieces before her upcoming solo show with the gallery in October. –Sasha Bogojev

Inglourious Basterds is on view at Copenhagen's Gallery Poulsen through September 14, 2019.