Sick Sad Summer Art Book Fair is a new book fair and artist market curated by John F. Malta and Siobhán Gallagher taking place at Cooler Gallery in Brooklyn on Sunday, July 14th, 2019 from 11 am to 7 pm. The book fair aims to bring together a range of visual artists, comic creators, and craftspeople that weave between the lines of photocopied xerox fuzz, commercial art reproduction, comic book narratives, and DIY product design. The book fair coincides with a group exhibition also curated by Malta & Gallagher featuring 40+ artists from NYC and beyond, titled A BODY AWAITS

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List of exhibitors are as follows:

1A. Cooler Editions
1B. Du-Good Press
2. John F. Malta & Siobhán Gallagher
3. Abby Jame 
4. Plum Press 
5A. Tim Peacock
5B. Jasjyot Singh Hans
6. Greg Kletsel 
7. Daniel Shepard
8A. TxtBooks 
8B. Rose Wong
9. Juxtapoz Projects
10A. Ben Passmore
10B. Ronald Wimberly
11. Sam Grinberg 
12. Cheatin’ Snakes
13. Adam JK
14. Grace Micelli 
15. The Bettys
16. Joanna Fields 
17. Janie Korn
18. Chiaozza 
19. Brickman Publications
20A. Austin MacDonald
20B. Andrew Peña 
21. Tyler Boss 
22A. Jon Burgerman
22B. You Byun
23. Up Magazine
24A. Whit Taylor
24B. Jeremy Nguyen 
25. Vicky Leta 
26. Hyesu Lee 
27. Jordan Sondler
28. Will Laren 
29. Daniel Zender 

Floorplan for the Sick Sad Summer Art Book Fair at Cooler Gallery:
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Curated by John F Malta and Siobhan Gallagher
Sunday, July 14th 11am-7pm
Cooler Gallery | 22 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn

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A BODY AWAITS features a range of contemporary painters and illustrators who push the idea of the formal figure and landscape beyond the confines of the natural world and into another macrocosm. Figures embrace one another and shatter through toxic skulls that are defined as painted monuments to moldy geometry. Fluorescent soaked universes, reverent self-portraits, abstract clusters of 21st-century globs, and sordid psychedelic figures all rejoice and channel the fourth dimension: a body brought to life to exist in a frame defining its reason for being in a moment captured. 

Curated by John F Malta and Siobhan Gallagher
Opening reception during SSSABF
Refreshments by Pabst Blue Ribbon and Head Hi
Sunday, July 14th 5-7pm
Cooler Gallery | 22 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn