Kii Arens is about to open the The Church of Color Art Show on September 15th at La-La Land Gallery in Hollywood. “In a world that is slowly becoming taupe and grey, I feel compelled to push more color into the world as I’ve always done with my art and design," Arens says. "This past winter I was visiting family in my home- town of Minnesota accompanied by Alina Wysocki. Almost everytime I would point out a happen- ing spot from back in the day, it would be gone and replaced with a mega church or a housing de- velopment drained of color with little architectural or design creativity. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s color exploded into the world to the point that fluorescents became a regular in fashion and advertising. Playing on the numerous churches that have taken over roller rinks, department stores, and the like, we eagerly discussed a desire for a movement and mission toward restoring color and fun back into the world. We hatched the idea of The Church of Color. To kick off this passionate mission I will be having The Church of Color Art Show. Salvation through saturation.”

The opening is Friday, September 15th 6-10 pm. On Saturday, September 16th, there is an open call for all artists to bring 2 of their own pieces of colorful art to exhibit and sell from 12-6 pm. For those who cannot make the opening celebrations, La-La Land will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 12-6 PM until Oct.15th.

 Rainbow Flow FINAL 12 x 15