The Green Family Art Foundation is pleased to present Togetherness: For Better or Worse, in the foundation’s Main Gallery, with an essay by Kristina Zosuls, Ph.D., remaining on view until January 21, 2024. Togetherness: For Better or Worse runs concurrently with Nicolas Party’s Landscape, a solo, immersive exhibition in the foundation’s Spotlight Gallery.

Throughout history, art has told neatly wrapped stories about human relationships, often idyllic renditions of romantic love, or alternatively, tales of suffering and tragedy. Togetherness: For Better or Worse tells a different story, one that highlights the inherent complexity of our relationships. This exhibition explores the intricate and multi-faceted dynamics of personhood and connection. Traversing at once the warmth of familial bonds and the challenges of generational trauma; the anxiety of objectifying desires and the playful excitement of newfound love; the resentments bred from old rivals and the camaraderie of childhood friends. Through the lens of 38 works and 35 artists, Togetherness: For Better or Worse explores humanity at its foundations: considering the beauty with the pain and the moments in which they become one.