Views of the Ben Venom x Juxtapoz Bookstore @ Vault by Vans, NYC + Radio Juxtapoz Live, May 11

May 10, 2019 | in Installation

Today, Juxtapoz and Vault by Vans (at their new store at 219 Bowery in NYC), opened a special exhibition of textile quilts by Ben Venom and Juxtapoz Projects bookstore on view through early June 2019. To mark the occasion, Juxtapoz and Vans will host two events at the Vault by Vans store: On May 11, from 7—9pm, the Radio Juxtapoz podcast will produce a live conversation with Ben Venom, and on May 12, Venom will be doing live sewing and custom patch work on customers garments from 12—3pm. Check here for more information

On Tuesday, May 14th, Juxtapoz will be hosting a very special panel discussion on photography with an esteemed panel that includes Martha CooperJanette Beckman and Spring 2019 featured artist Miranda Barnes.

All photos by ©Laura June Kirsch

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