Our friends at Liquitex kicked off the introduction of two groundbreaking sustainable products last week in NYC, with emphasis on the Recycled Canvas and Bio-Based Heavy Acrylic and Mediums paint. Liquitex's Just Imagine party on May 9th was helod at 99 Scott, in celebration of the brand’s fresh new look and the launch of some innovative sustainable products, including a recycled canvas line and upcoming bio-based paint line. 

Launch of Recycled Canvas Range:
In line with its dedication to sustainability, Liquitex introduced the Recycled Canvas range last year. Crafted from 100% recycled plastic bottles and stretched on an FSC mix wood frame, these professional-quality canvases are ideal for acrylics or oils. This new collection provides artists with an eco-conscious choice without sacrificing the superior performance that Liquitex is renowned for.

Liquitex strives to do whatever they can to create a world that’s full of possibilities for future generations of artists. That’s why, for this launch, they partnered with Waste2Wear – pioneers in solutions for innovative plastic recycling, using blockchain technology to deliver 100% traceable and sustainable textiles.

As a part of their sustainability program, A Positive Mark, Liquitex is committed to innovative sustainability solutions that retain product quality and performance. Carrying a SUSTAIN label, Recycled Canvas is the first in a new Liquitex category. As a B Corp Certified company, they will continue to launch more products within their Professional range and will keep integrating sustainability practices across the business.

Liquitex Recycled Canvas is available in a choice of 20 stretched canvas sizes or an unprimed canvas roll. It can be purchased online or at select authorized retailers worldwide.\

Bio-Based Heavy Acrylic and Mediums 
Liquitex is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its Bio-Based range. This groundbreaking product line is formulated with an average of 50% bio-based materials, reducing reliance on traditional petroleum-derived components.

Bio-Based Heavy Acrylic comes in a 100% recycled pot and recyclable packaging. Available in 40 colors and 2 size offerings, this heavy acrylic has a thick consistency, high pigment load, and is lightfast and archival. Bio-Based Mediums range will include 4 core fluid and gel mediums, perfect for enhancing your paint and experimenting with new textures and techniques. All Bio-Based products are compatible with other acrylic paints and mediums, making them the perfect addition to your palette.

By incorporating renewable resources and delivering on its commitments as a B Corp certified company, Liquitex is taking a bold step towards a more sustainable future for the art industry. Artists can soon enjoy the same high-quality acrylics they love, now with an environmentally friendly twist.

Available soon online and with select authorized retailers worldwide.

All photography by Lauren Cassot