As her new solo show has just opened, Deep-Rooted, on view at Setareh in Berlin, we asked London-based Ania Hobson about the works in the new show and shift's in perspective she has had over the last few exhibitions. 

As the gallery notes, having distinguished herself with her enigmatic and expressive figures, in a distinctive graphic style, Hobson continues to push her emotive painterv effects to realize deeper emotive intensity. In this new series of paintings, the natural landscape plays an increasingly important role in the composition. Although the powerful characters that she portrays remain the focal point, the emphasis grows towards their surroundings. Experimenting with textures, thick and thin areas for a new palette which is evolving new effects. This development presents the artist the possibility of experimenting with the potential of texture itself, mixing thin layers of oil paint with the thick and voluminous brushstrokes that are familiar in Hobson's work.

"With this new series of paintings I am looking at the interconnectivity’s between humans and nature and how it changes our emotions and behaviour and evolutionary psychology," Hobson told Juxtapoz. "How some of our surroundings have become fears that humans have created and can then intertwine with our dreams that represent our true feelings, struggles within ourselves. Being chased by wolves was a common dream that I use to have, in the dream it was the fear of being chased by wolves but soon realised it was only me running away from my anxieties and the wolves were not a threat but something that humans have created. We also rely on the outdoors for our wellbeing in order to connect with ourselves again. Painting this new series of paintings feels personal and something that is really close to me and who I am."