Danica Lundy giving the name Boombox to a body of work seems so fitting. Her paintings, dense and what could be called "loud", actually have this overwhelming feeling of being open to possibility and chance. When you were a kid, and for me it was listening to KOME or Live 105 in the Bay Area, you would have your cassette ready in your boombox, waiting for the DJ to play that song you heard the day before, wanting to create your own mix of songs from the radio. In naming her show after the boombox, Lundy is transporting us to place of memory and density, as White Cube notes is a shifting of perspectives and merging of images. What she has been able to create over the course of her career is shift in the way we view life's daily routines, to look inside a moment and give us a vantage point that is both surreal and intimate. —Evan Pricco