Just prior to the clench of Covid on daily lives, we had previewed the newest body of work by Lola Gil, presented at KP Projects in a solo show titled Intimate Flowers Bloom. The stunning oil paintings were among the most hauntingly beautiful we’d seen in the early months of 2020, and with a timed-release print of the painting You Rang released this past weekend, we are able to take a second look at the show.

And invite you to eavesdrop on an exclusive chat between Lola and actor Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame about the stories behind the works, how Aaron and Lola met after she returned from living in England and learning that Paul is a painter himself,as well as life during quarantine and the unique evolution of Lola's work. 

As Lola says of the works, "These new paintings naturally evolved through subconscious vision, during a collapse with a close relationship, life in isolation, and the powerful decision to be my own source of strength. The outcome offers not only emotion, but a sense of humor, irreverence, and obscurity, under a lens of empowerment. Artists have the ability to help the viewer feel, relate, think, empower, grow, and inspire. This show is for anyone who needs these particular inner movements. For anyone who needs something, whether it relates to relationships, or any particular experience that requires personal growth. For those who may see themselves in these portraits, or who need and wish to escape with a narrative."