Maxwell McMaster’s new body of work, Expansions signifies an opening in the artist’s practice, while articulating recurring themes. Prompted by a personal spiritual path, as a guiding principle in life and work, he conceptualizes art as grounded in the immaterial. The birth of a new idea, or a new painting, is envisioned as open and fertile ground. Borrowing Expansions from jazz keyboardist Lonnie Liston Smith‘s 1974 album, McMaster highlights his indebtedness and influence of a spiritual consciousness on the 1970s cultural imaginary. McMaster’s subtle use of sine waves reverberates in each piece, in reference to the energy found in everything around us. Undulating movement from left to right reference a forward direction, uniting humanity with the cosmos. Radiating forms refer to the manifestation of ideas: inner peace to outer peace; internality to reality.

Opening IG Live: Saturday, December 19 , 2 PM PST

Online print release: Saturday, December 19 , 2 PM PST: