On March 30th, 2019, Praz-Delavallade Gallery in Paris will be presenting their second solo exhibition with Guy Yanai, following his LA debut with the gallery two years ago. The Conformist will continue the ongoing body of work that the Tel Aviv-based artist has been creating based snapshots from his life while the title of the show serves a commentary on the rise in populist governments in Europe and the US, as well as a reflection on today's art world and the lifestyle of contemporary artists.

Rendered in a pixelated appearance, a unique painterly technique that is a blend of impasto oil painting and almost digital aesthetic, these lively images are depicting a wide range of subjects ranging from solitary objects or plants to complex landscapes or interior paintings. Aesthetically continuing onto each other and creating a coherent body of work, the images are intentionally recognizable and commonplace. With a loose approach to capturing form, detail or perspective, it's the vibrant color choices and distinctive brushstrokes that capture or create the ambiance around these subjects and spaces.

The three main large works of the exhibition are each the same size and represent completely different cognitive experiences—The Dining Room is a domestic space from artist's home, Standard West Hollywood represents the interior of the hotel where Yanai stayed during his previous exhibition with Praz-Delavallade Los Angeles, and the third painting is of the village of Camembert in the Normandy region of France, a place where the artist has never been. Choosing motifs that have personal meaning and connection to the artist on some level, these paintings are Yanai's tool for exploration of his own relationship with art, painting, politics, love, and daily life. —Sasha Bogojev