Capturing stillness is a classic skill, but one that we still continue to be in awe of when it's done so well. Painting in 2024, and over the past decade, has juxtaposed between artists who are dedicated to movement and mixed-media explorations and those who are challenging what we know about still-life work. Erin Wright is a looking at still-life from different angles, both literally and figuratively, showing us aerial views and side-eyes of things we may just pass over in our idea of what paintings can show us. Her new solo show, The Host, The Thief, The Wives, and Their Lovers, on view now at Sow & Tailor in Los Angeles, takes the subject of the dinner party, erases the figure and leaves traces behind of ritualistic gathering with a bit of mystery and intrigue. 

One things that Erin Wright's paintings do is make you question your own dinner etiquette, your own manner as it pertains to either hosting or being a guest. Without the use of people, and just one cat that shows up after the guests have left, you are wondering yourself what sort of convesation was had, was there an argument, an agreement, was this family or friends? This is the beauty of the works. We have all seen still-lifes from throughout the centuries, but the good ones have us thinking about the consequences and life just out of view. These are sublime paintings. —Evan Pricco