In his exhibition, Perennial at Book & Job Gallery, Baltimore-based photographer Kyle Myles invites us to explore the intersections of place and nostalgia, offering glimpses into spaces that hold personal significance.

From his mother’s garden to nostalgic summer haunts, Myles captures the essence of familiar landscapes that resonate deeply with his upbringing. As he reflects, 'The field has always felt like a place for myself, and others, to escape to.' Through Myles' lens, these seemingly confined spaces take on a new dimension, expanding our understanding of boundaries and existence. Each carefully curated grouping of images invites us to ponder the infinite possibilities that lie within the familiar.

Perennial will hold two upcoming receptions. One on Thursday, April 4, (for the Tenderloin First Thursday Art Walk) and a closing event on Friday, April 12. The gallery will have limited remaining stock available of Myles’ first monograph titled so many beautiful reasons (published by Smog Press).