Todd Hido wanders endlessly, taking lengthy road trips in search of imagery that connects with his own memories. Through his unique landscape process and signature color palette, Hido alludes to the quiet and mysterious side of suburban America—where uniform communities provide for a stable façade—implying the instability that often lies behind the walls.

"I move, I move a lot," says Hido of his new exhibition, A Series of Small Decisions, opening at both Leica Gallery SF and in LA. "People ask me how I find my pictures. I tell them I move around. I move and move and I mostly don’t find anything that is interesting to me. But then, something calls out. Something that looks sort of off or maybe an empty space. Sometimes it’s a lovely scene. Sometimes it’s just a ray of sunlight. I like that kind of stuff. So I take the photos and some are good. And so I keep moving and looking and taking pictures."