As a gallery on the pulse and constantly exploring the emerging talent around California and other major metropolis', New Image Art Gallery continues a wonderful streak of shows with a new solo show, Ever Free, from Oakland, California's Jeffrey Cheung. The artist has grown to be one of the most sought after emerging artists we cover, with what was once a loose and humorous look at the classic has now become a dense and colorful exploration of sexuality, identity, skateboarding and politics. 

As the gallery notes: "Cheung’s fluid figurative works blend pop and graffiti, which is evident in his new body of airbrushed large scale paintings. The artist’s positive narratives are in response to the current state of repression of sexual and expressive freedom, racial and gender inequality, the excesses of capitalism, and other issues of deep personal concern to the artist. For all the art market success Cheung has enjoyed, he like Keith Haring also licensed mass-marketed items that permitted anyone who could afford a T-shirt or skateboard to own a token of his work, and he plowed a chunk of the profits into social causes. His style, above all, denies no one access."