Our friends at AllRightsReserved are once again in collaboration with Spanish artist Javier Calleja, on an exclusive sculpture “NO WINGS TO FLY”, now available at DDTStore. The big-eyed boy, with a signature Calleja-style smile at the corner of his mouth, is presented in a standing posture with straight feet and waist bent, moments before taking off. 

"My inspiration comes from this idea of flying," Calleja says. "Or better, taking off moment, the jump.To fly was always a dream of mine as a child and this is why NO WINGS TO FLY is mimicking birds wings or feathers with his outstretched fingers. They have big heads cause children have big heads. There is a psychological response to big foreheads, big heads, and big eyes. These distortions have such an effect on an adult brain that they think they talk or interact with a child. So instinctively the adults talk with their heart and not brain. My work helps them find that child and connect with it."

Materials: Mixed Media, Vinyl & Crystal Glass
Dimensions: H270 x W257 x D182mm
Edition of 888
Printed and numbered under feet
Shipping begins from Mar 2023